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About Unics.ma
Unics is immersed in brands, focused on strategy and driven by results. The world has gone digital, and we with it. Our team of Strategic Thinkers, Content Creators, and Innovative Technologists are so fully integrated into the latest innovations and technology, that Digital is our native language.
Inclusive Coaching

Our coaching training, helps corporate,organizations & individuals to uncover & develop their leadership, communication skills beside showcasing their bests practices in an authentic and impactful way to co-create with their external and internal networks.


Your brand is more valuable than the products or services you are offering, we aim to develop an integrated marketing & communication plan.

Public Relations

Starting from launching a new product or a service to expanding your community engagement, WeConsult team will help you to manage your external connections by providing measurable and smart strategies and networking opportunities.

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Coaching & Development

We offer growth and improvement programs for enterprises and career transition coaching and executive coaching for individuals.

Sales & Marketing

We help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by putting your customers at the center of your company’s strategy.


We provide the expertise, tools, and materials you need to align your leadership on a shared vision of what the future can be and mobilize the organization to achieve it.

Sustainability & Responsibility

We make sure that your strategy, operations and customer value proposition don’t simply address sustainability concerns but maximize the opportunities they present.

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